Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Queen of Rodeo! Emily Prince has been Crowned!

Queen of Rodeo: Emily Prince has been Crowned.

An interview with Emily about the honour and the privilege.

Inspired by Hannah Munford who was crowned from 2017-2018 who was welcoming and brought appropriate representation of the league, Emily wants to use Hannah's influence as well as craft out a path of her own. When Emily was asked if she could considering running, she thought: "Well you know I’d like to be queen. I'm a senior, I want to go out with a bang, and that's what i did. I want to graduate reassured that I have impacted the rodeo and made it more universal and accessible."

Although Emily is very enthused to be apart of this opportunity, she finds that with her responsibility and platform, she is able to speak on a few things. "No one sits down to reach out to younger rodeo girls and show them that this is what it is and this what you have to do, it’s a great opportunity and it’s exciting. Being able to be awarded on something like this is truly honoring to have that title, it’s a little nerve-wracking because I have eyes on me at all times. People have a lot to say. I’m trying to be an example." Emily is serious when it comes to this title, stating that it's a lot of work putting into this industry, it’s not just a title, one meets people and friends and there’s a lot of respect in this. It’s a honour to represent your state. There is no room for bias nor holding people on different grounds. Everyone is equal and holds the same opportunities. "What is rodeo? Horsemanship and friendship. Horsemanship is the bond between your horse and you and if you don’t love your horse and you don’t need to be here. Friendship is passion, fun and fellowship."

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Ready, Set, Race!

Last week the front lobby was turned into a speedway as Mrs. Barger’s Physical Science class
had a Mousetrap  Car Race. The students made their race cars out of mousetraps and
measured the individual distance that each car traveled.  They also calculated and compared
the speeds of the different cars, as well as the time it took to travel that distance.

The overall winners had the highest calculated distance and velocity out of all the racers.  
The distance winners were Leah Bentley and James Thompson, and the speed winners were
Zoe Buey and Haley Allen.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

How is Makeup Biotechnology?

Students in Mrs. Dupis Biotechnology class studied how makeup is an example of biotechnology. These students also entered their videos in the Spark Video Contest.  Click the videos below to learn more about this intriguing topic:

Friday, September 28, 2018

Planting an Interest in Reading

Who says English must always be taught in the classroom? Students in English I headed outside to learn why details are important.  Students are learning how to "close read" a story.  In order to understand this concept students were assigned plants in the courtyard to "close read."  Students had to observe the plant from a distance (like a first read) and then gradually made observations that included more details (like a second reading) until they finally were allowed to touch the plant (like a third reading).  Students then took their observations back to the classroom and attempted to identify their plant with the help of the internet.  Most students successfully identified their plant or tree and all the students said they now understand why just reading a text once does not allow a reader to grasp all the ideas embedded into it. As one student said, "you don't really know your plant until you get to touch it." 

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The Freshmen Have Spoken!

English I Honors students recently participated in a debate activity.  Students were divided into groups and given magazine articles on various topics regarding the American educational systems. Topics including reading for pleasure, using meditation instead of suspensions for discipline, and taking notes on paper versus computers.  After analyzing the articles for bias students were assigned to agree or disagree with the topic and each group choose a representative for a class debate.  Group representatives did a great topic arguing for their side of the issue.  The students are now ready to take their analyzing and arguing skills into the research paper unit. 


Photos provided by Mrs. Mitchell's English 1 Honors Class
Assembled by Tati Pierre and Sydney Hines
Photos of Ms. Higgins's AP environmental science class investigating the movement of energy through an ecosystem. To do this, they dissected regurgitated pellets of owls, which are secondary consumers. The class then reassembled the animals using the bones and used the skeletons to compare the regions of which the animals were from.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Watch Cougar scientists at work!  Students Rose Helms, Jessica Settlemyre, and Serena Russell testing a substance for carbohydrates in Dayne Chester's biology class.